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Meeting Date Agenda Meeting Minutes
May Regular Mo Meeting 5:30pm - 2020-05-11 Agenda Meeting Minutes
ANNUAL MEETING - 2020-04-21
NOTE: Dur To DOVID 19, Per Governor mandate we will need to limit the number of residents in the hall.  This will be accomplished by arrival time. We apologize for any invconvenience - your and our safety first.
Apr Regular Town Monthly meeting 5:30 - 2020-04-13
NOTE: Due to COVID 19: Per Gov mandated protocol we will need to limit the number of citizens in the hall. WE apologize for the inconvenience. Your/our safety first
Agenda Meeting Minutes
Mar Regular Mo Meeting 5:30 - 2020-03-09 Agenda Meeting Minutes
Feb Reg Mo Board Meeting - 2020-02-10 Agenda Meeting Minutes
January Reg mo Meeting - 2020-01-09 Agenda Meeting Minutes
December Reg Mo Meeting 5:30 pm - 2019-12-09 Agenda Meeting Minutes
Budget Meeting Nov 2019 5:30 pm - 2019-11-18 Agenda Meeting Minutes
Town Board - 2019-03-11 Meeting Minutes
Town Board - 2019-02-11 Meeting Minutes
Caucus and Town Board - 2019-01-14 Meeting Minutes